Search - tools to remove the technical hassles!


Search, find, be found

ONETALKX is built from the ground up for search - to find and be found. No matter if you are buying or selling, we remove the complexity of the search process with an easy to use set of search tools.

Every page optimized for search

Pages, blog posts, and news articles throughout the site all come standard with key search related headings, and SEO texts that appear in search result. There is no need to master new skills - simply fill in all fields and enjoy the results.

Tags - how are they used?

Throughout the ONETALKX platform tags are extensively used. For example, in the contact area you can associate tags to a contact - that can later be filtered to find a contact. Tags can be associated with blog entries, knowledge base articles and products or services. These tags are used extensively in the search process, and facilitate the delivery of effective search results.
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