Manage users

Running a personal website is pretty simple, but when it's time to grow, you need to start thinking about your partners and staff having access to your data - and it's not always suitable to give wide-ranging access to all areas of your data. We understand the issues, and introduced user-level authority functionality - where you can give people access to the specific areas in which they need to work. It's all about growing your business, and remaining in control.

Limit staff access to your account

Assign limits to what staff members get to see and do in your account. For example, your warehouse staff member may simply have access to the pick and pack details, whereas a more senior staff member may have access to more confidential data. By assigning the areas that staff can access, you get to scale your operation and ensure integrity of your data.

Allow partners to access your account

Many companies hire blog writers, and with user-level authorities, you can allow your blog writer access only to blog areas. In other cases, your translators may simply be granted access to the text areas of the site, and even further restrict the translator to access only specific languages. It's all about security of your data.
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