So many features

Business have complex and diverse needs. Multiple standalone platforms force businesses to duplicate work - creating opportunities for mistakes and encouraging inefficiencies. Our team is working to increase the offering of business modules that allow businesses to get the job done in a more efficient, intuitive manner. The combination of CRM & ERP tools, online and offline sales processes, finance modules with electronic invoicing, and social media integration make ONETALKX a must for any SME.

Featuring three key features

There has never been such a comprehensive site that brings together on a single platform so many outstanding features to connect with the world and work with the wider community to do good. Let's focus on three outstanding tools:

External sites

If you have registered your own website domain and looking for a platform to get your website up and running - look no further! We provide a wide range of templates to suit most types of businesses. After you select your theme, go ahead and customize to suit. As required, swap out images, change text and add your items, specifications, images, and prices. ONETALKX websites are incredibly easy to get up and running. If you wish to convert your current website design to plug in to ONETALKX - just ask.

Global franchise

Wouldn't you just to love to grow your business planet-wide? Imagine a global team working independently on your business, working in their own area - whether country-wide, on a regional basis or within more specific geographic zones. ONETALKX global franchise systems is a first. We allow you to work in the languages and currency of your choice - share items in an instant and so much more. More to come - watch this space!

Item share

After spending so many hours building your item list - adding images, specifications, weights and sizes - wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to bring a partner on board by selecting some or all of those items and simply sharing those items? With features such as your sell price posted to their cost price, and auto-price updates - your partner would be up and running in an instant. And while you are at it - why not add 80 or 100 partners. Grow fast and retain full management of the process.
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