Become an affiliate

If you work in the space of affiliate marketing, you'll definitely need to take note of what's happening at ONETALKX. With tens of thousands of thousands of clients coming on board taking part in our paid services modules - we are looking to pay out to performing affiliate marketers well in excess of $10 million over the coming period of time. It's a gold rush.

We need YOU!

Working with ONETALKX provides a powerful opportunity to earn generous commissions. We provide you with a unique code and an affiliate marketing dashboard. You'll see exactly how your successes are achieved and be able to alter your strategy to maximize your efforts. The affiliate marketing program helps us to facilitate uptake of the ONETALKX toolkit in diverse markets.

Not just any affiliate marketing program

The affiliate marketing tools are tailored to facilitate both the lone wolf approach, or equally suitable to set up and operate a large affiliate marketing team. Acting as team leader, you will authorize multiple team players, each armed with their personalized code, to get to work on communicating with the world the benefits of ONETALKX, and earn. We payout to team leaders - while team members get paid by team leaders. Building a large effective team ensures team leaders get to achieve super-profits.
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